Team Forbes - Mac and The Girls:

14 March 2013

Meet Beth Bicknell and Brodie Comer, both wine crew from Melbourne. Beth is known for steering part of the engaging folio of wines from boutique wholesaler Imbibo, while Brodie holds fort as assistant sommelier at Circa the Prince. A female duo who both come from restaurant backgrounds, but have forged careers further in the wine field.

So what are you calling yourselves?

Beth - Well our thinking caps are most certainly on and we are getting very excited. Our team name is the classic "Team Forbes" and our twitter account is @MacAndTheGirls.

So what do you two do when you’re not part of Team Forbes?

Beth - Brodie started her career as a waiter and also spent a year working in Wine Marketing promoting Kiwi wine (Brodie is originally from NZ). After years of working in the wine teams of Melbourne's best restaurants (Chin Chin, Coda), Brodie is now the Assistant Sommelier at Circa the Prince. I am not related to David (Bicknell, of Oakridge winery fame) and have a background in hospitality and marketing. Currently, I work for Melbourne-based wine agency Imbibo, selling local and imported wine in Melbourne and Adelaide. Wine became my focus while working in the Rockpool group with David Lawler (sommelier).

Right, so now you’ve been given roles as winemakers, what sort of wines make you thirsty?

Beth - Wines that inspire us? The List is HUGE! Firstly, local winemakers with their own unique styles and amazing integrity, think Timo Mayer, Jauma (James Erskine). And then wines of Italy, from Barolo to the orange wines of the northwest and the indigenous varieties of the south. It’s a broad palate.

You’ve got some time with Mac Forbes, he has amazing hair, renowned for it, also his own idiosyncratic winemaking, what do you think he can most help out with?

Beth – timing…

Some say that’s everything with wine. What do you drink in your down time?

Beth – Well, I go for negronis, alsacian whites and grenache from anywhere. Brodie will drink anything Italian!

Ok, so if you got to drink your wine, the BOF final result would taste like what?

Beth - Lively with generous fruit, a wine that reflects the quality of the Mount Langi Grampians Shiraz, with the gentle touch of an all-lady winemaking team. Light in colour and persistent in flavour, this wine is the perfect aperitif.


2013, The finalists


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