Introducing Team Webber:

5 May 2014

Steve Webber needs little introduction, but for anyone who hasn’t come across him, he’s the head winemaker at De Bortoli winery in the Yarra Valley, Gourmet Traveller WINE Winemaker of the year in 2007, and past Chairman of Judges at The Royal Melbourne Wine Show.

Team Webber is made up of two coffee boys; Salvatore & Matt from St Ali. What these two don’t know about buying, roasting, serving and enjoying coffee can be inscribed on a Costan Rican green bean. The parallels between wine and coffee tasting are strong. These boys taste around 200 different brews a week. And yes! Of course they spit. Most of the key components for judging a wine; aroma, acidity, sweetness, balance, mouthfeel, aftertaste and length are also vital for assessing coffee. These guys know their wines and are in BOF to win it! They want to make a red wine with “opulence, elegance & subtlety”. Team slogan? “Farting mediocrity!” Webber is a gun in the winery, and an expert at making juicy, seamless, gluggable reds, which harmonize with food, so the boys are fortunate to have such a mentor. If you haven’t tried them yet, the De Bortoli ‘La Boheme’ range is the epitome of textured, flavoursome wines that are a joy to drink with food.


2014, The finalists


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