Introducing Team Harrop:

6 May 2014

Publishing gun Sheridan Wright and Chris Hysted, a mixologist by background, and Dutch vodka, Ketel One Brand Ambassador are Matt Harrop’s protégés this year. Like his team from 2013, they will be working with shiraz from Mount Langi Ghiran.

Sheridan and Chris describe themselves as “new to wine”. Chris is a ‘big reds’ man, and Sheridan is a fan of whites, riesling in particular. They both love rose, and this is the style they have decided to make. They’re aiming for a “pale pink, fragrant, dry wine, which Sheridan hopes will be “tasty as fuck.”

These two are efficient workers, and they have opted for a no-messing-around 100% whole bunch style, which they gently put through Bindi’s Enoventa fruit press. After this they added some sulphur and acid, and then it was left to ferment in old oak for a few days. Once fermented, the rose will stay on lees (sediment). At that stage they are unsure whether the wine would go through ‘malo’ (malolactic fermentation, a changing of the wine's acid structure).

Winemaking for this group is at Bindi. Matt H is very happy to be here with his team, and loves the winery’s history and sense of place. He comments on his team this year “They don’t know a lot about wine. They want to make something simple… good pure pink wine. Often when people know too much it doesn’t work as well.”

Chris describes Matt as “very supportive, straightforward and funny. He’s not patronizing. He’s a no bullshit guy. It’s gonna work!”

Team H don’t have a motto, but have dubbed themselves “the underdogs” or “Team fruity dyslexia”. Let’s just hope they don’t turn their Langi grapes into a fruity lexia.


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