Introducing Team Fagan:

2 May 2014

Sarah Fagan first joined De Bortoli in 2003, and initially focussed her talents on white winemaking, chardonnay in particular. She’s now broadened her expertise to include making reds as well. Sarah’s a down-to-earth-no-bullshit kinda gal, and is perfectly matched to her two BOF alumni, Jess and Wiremu (let’s call him Mu), whose motto is “get shit done, don’t fuck up”. Jess, ex Chin Chin, now working with Time Out, modestly describes herself, “as still a beginner” when it comes to wine. She had no hesitation, however, in whipping off her jeans to do a bit of grape stomping, describing it as “being molested by eyeballs”. Mu is a sommelier at Rockpool, and keen to experience the winemaking process. A big fan of whole bunch styles, his vision is to make a drinkable, accessible style, which will roll seamlessly along the palate. A wine Jess describes as being “like a good hooker who makes you come back for more.”


2014, The finalists


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