Announcing the 2014 teams:

14 April 2014

Last year we had five teams making wine in the Baptism of Fire. This year we have six. There are some new mentors and new vineyards. Here they are...

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Team Downie - Grossi and the Spaniard:

26 March 2013

The Magnificent Seven? Could be. A team of Melbourne sommelier buddies join forces, shout Shazam! and the magic of winemaking reveals itself through the steady hand of team mentor, winemaker Bill...

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Team Lapalus - The Outsiders:

25 March 2013

If there ever were to be a Baptism of Fire greater than all, then surely it would be with the team that doesn’t even work in the wine industry. But forged from sterner stuff, Team Lapalus are...

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Team Harrop - The Sydney Crew:

24 March 2013

Somewhere between wine geek royalty and the Power Ranges lies this soul of this tour de force of wine pros hailing from Sydney. With equally eclectic backgrounds, but a driving urge to crush...

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Team Forbes - Mac and The Girls:

14 March 2013

Meet Beth Bicknell and Brodie Comer, both wine crew from Melbourne. Beth is known for steering part of the engaging folio of wines from boutique wholesaler Imbibo, while Brodie holds fort as...

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Team Glover - Banjo Harris Plane:

12 March 2013

He’s the main man steering the ship at scintillating Melbourne restaurant Attica and his name reads like a deranged poet meets bushranger. His palate is sharp as a whip, he talks wise beyond his...

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