The wines are here:

10 October 2013

After months of anticipation—and perhaps a little nervous rumination on behalf of the competition finalists—the finished WINE: BAPTISM OF FIRE (BOF) wines have now been released.

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Pre Bottling Taste-off:

27 August 2013

The BOF wines are on the tasting bench for a blind tasting…A sneak preview of the unfinished wines in their final stagesTeam Forbes Aka“Mac and the Girls”Strawberries & Whipped CreamClearly not...

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The Trophy:

15 July 2013

The winner of the inaugural Wine: Baptism of Fire will claim the original trophy created by Charlwood.Having previously designed the Young Gun of Wine trophy, Charlwood was asked to create a...

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Post Ferment Tasting:

19 May 2013

A wise drunk once said "hands off the ferments until they’re dry", which was a test of fortitude and patience for the sozzled wine enthusiast, but rates mention for its accuracy...

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Introducing our Baptism of Fire:

4 March 2013

Harvest. Crush. Stomp. Ferment. Wait. Bottle. Reckon you can take grapes from vine, through the magic of fermentation, and all the way to glass? Step up to the front line with your own vinous...

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