Team Forbes wins BOF 2014:

9 December 2014

The 2014 edition of WINE: BAPTISM OF FIRE was won by Team Forbes, Jacqueline Turner and Meg Power (aka, the Bellota bar girls), with the guidance of mentor Mac Forbes.Their winning wine, named...

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Inside the pre-bottling tasting and auction:

5 August 2014

On August 4, all the teams brought barrel samples of their wines into Melbourne's CBD at The Savoy Tavern to win the hearts, minds and dollars of restaurants, retailers and consumers...

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2014 En Primeur:

3 July 2014

From three vineyards, six wines have been made by six teams. This event is a pre-bottling tasting and en primeur auction of the 2014 vintage wines to be released in October...

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Announcing the 2014 teams:

14 April 2014

Last year we had five teams making wine in the Baptism of Fire. This year we have six. There are some new mentors and new vineyards. Here they are...

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Apply for wineBOF 2014:

3 February 2014

We want you to apply for BOF 2014.We are looking for teams of two. We are interested in a diversity of teams; people from all walks of life. A passion for learning more about wine is just about...

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It's a Wrap:

17 December 2013

“If you had have told us 12 months ago that by December 2013 you would have made and sold your very own wine, let alone win the competition, we wouldn’t have believed you. It’s still surreal. We...

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