It's a Wrap:

17 December 2013

“If you had have told us 12 months ago that by December 2013 you would have made and sold your very own wine, let alone win the competition, we wouldn’t have believed you. It’s still surreal. We...

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Do Single Vineyard Wines Bring You Closer to God?:

1 November 2013

Part 2... The Magnificent Seven a.k.a. Seven Sins a.k.a. Team Downie are already on the Stairway to Heaven with their biblical overtones, so let's see their take on the ‘hand of God.’

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Single Vineyard Wines Bring You Closer To God:

31 October 2013

Each team in the BOF challenge were given a unique opportunity; to choose, and then pick, certain rows in the Mount Langi ‘Kneebones’ vineyard. It was an extraordinary privilege for them to have...

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What's in a label?:

21 October 2013

It’s been an exciting journey…The wines are bottled, labeled and selling quickly at Vintage Cellars.So what about the stunning designs on the bottles? What’s the story?Design by Pidgeon created...

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The wines are here:

10 October 2013

After months of anticipation—and perhaps a little nervous rumination on behalf of the competition finalists—the finished WINE: BAPTISM OF FIRE (BOF) wines have now been released.

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Pre Bottling Taste-off:

27 August 2013

The BOF wines are on the tasting bench for a blind tasting…A sneak preview of the unfinished wines in their final stagesTeam Forbes Aka“Mac and the Girls”Strawberries & Whipped CreamClearly not...

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