Announcing the 2014 teams:

14 April 2014

Last year we had five teams making wine in the Baptism of Fire. This year we have six.

There are some new mentors and new vineyards. Here they are...

Led by the larger-than-life German import, Timo Mayer, Ricky Sam and Michael Smith are a pair of young bloggers in for a wild ride. Ricky, aka forksake, is the food blogger and Michael, aka jackofalltrends, is the fashion blogger. These two clearly have style, but will they bring substance to their game?
Winemaking at Mac Forbes winery, with shiraz from Thousand Candles.

You might recognise Meg Power and Jacqueline Turner from Bellota wine bar, or from Rootstock Sydney - they were the ones wearing lobsters and plastic fruit on their heads. If you do, you'll know these girls are 'always-on'. Mac Forbes has the responsibility of harnessing their enthusiasm.
Winemaking at Mac Forbes winery, with shiraz from Thousand Candles.

Kiwi-born Rockpool sommelier, Wiremu Andrews, and Jess Ho (ex Chin Chin maître d', girl about town and writer for hire) are being mentored by Sarah Fagan. There's a competition within this year's competition: Sarah Fagan and Steve Webber, colleagues at De Bortoli, are leading opposing teams. Fages is apparently the fastest on the forklift in the winery. Will she hold another title at De Bortoli by the competition's end?
Winemaking at/with shiraz from De Bortoli.

How far do the skills of coffee roasting translate to winemaking? We'll soon find out. St Ali partners, Salvatore Malatesta and Matt Perger are under the wings of the winemaking guru, Steve Webber. Webber is a real winemaker's winemaker, but how will the pairing with coffee roasters go? 
Winemaking at/with shiraz from De Bortoli.

Gilles Lapalus' team of industry "outsiders" won the inaugural BOF competition in 2013. This year, Gilles has some of the biggest names in the wine bar game, with Sydney's Matt Swieboda (Love Tilly Devine) and James Hird (chef and owner, Wine Library) on his side. But will these rival bar owners be able to see eye-to-eye for the entire project?
Winemaking at Bindi with shiraz from Mount Langi Ghiran.

Take one winemaker from New Zealand whose winery is next to a zoo, Matt Harrop. Combine with Sheridan Wright, a publishing gun for hire and accidental urban socialite. Add in Chris Hysted, a cocktologist and Ketel One brand ambassador. Anything could happen.
Winemaking at Bindi with shiraz from Mount Langi Ghiran.

Yes, anything could happen in BOF 2014. It's a diverse field of talents. Stay tuned...

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