The Trophy:

15 July 2013

The winner of the inaugural Wine: Baptism of Fire will claim the original trophy created by Charlwood.Having previously designed the Young Gun of Wine trophy, Charlwood was asked to create a...

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End of Vintage Partying:

1 July 2013

By June, everyone had recovered sufficiently from vintage to go wild and celebrate the popping of their winemaking cherry with some hardcore imbibing.Things had been so serious until now. This was...

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Where are we at?:

19 June 2013

The long, slow process of a wine getting itself sorted for bottling can be an arduous process, in which not much happens… the ‘watching grass grow’ phase in the winemaking journey. But, the...

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Post Ferment Tasting:

19 May 2013

A wise drunk once said "hands off the ferments until they’re dry", which was a test of fortitude and patience for the sozzled wine enthusiast, but rates mention for its accuracy...

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Introduction to the Winemaking:

1 May 2013

Winemaking can come in many guises. Decisions to add or subtract can be critical in the process, fruit can be handled in various ways, and fermentation can come about through a variety of forms....

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Team Downie Vineyard Style:

18 April 2013

The team of finalists that comprises Grossi Group wine folk (plus Raul of Virginia Plain), deftly handled their task of vineyard work and decisions. James Fryar as spokesperson explains, "We spent...

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